Minnie Mouse Birthday Invitations

The Minnie mouse theme is undeniably one of the best themes for your kid’s birthday party. Bright and colorful, this theme allows you to have Minnie mouse birthday invitations with fun and pleasant pictures as well as bright color schemes that are entertaining for the kids. If you want, you can even save money by making your own Minnie mouse party invitations and decorations easily and conveniently.

As with any other party, having prompt and welcoming invitations for your guests is very important. For sure, no party can ever be successful without guests, whether family or friends. So, in preparing your Minnie mouse birthday party for your kid, you must keep in mind that you must not neglect to carefully plan and prepare your Minnie mouse birthday party invitations, specifically if it is for baby Minnie mouse 1st birthday invitations. There is an easy way to prepare birthday party invitations by searching a guide on how to make cheap birthday party invitations through the internet. Below are the information on how to make one.

How To Make Minnie Mouse Birthday Invitations

Many people rely on the internet to get free printable versions of Minnie mouse birthday invitations cards. However, the internet is not your only resort. You can actually make your own personalized birthday invitations by using the following simple steps. All you will need to have is a publishing software, color printer and a computer.

  • From your artwork gallery, choose a Minnie mouse image. If you don’t have one, you can download some images or clip-arts from the Disney world website. You can also check out the page for other Disney characters you want to include in your invitation.
  • Personalize the theme by typing such information as the date, time, and venue for the party, as well as some specific instructions or details you want your guests to know about the activities during the birthday party. This is to say, if there will be swimming, you can ask the attendees to bring along their swimming costumes.
  • Using the desktop publisher, open the card into a half-fold birthday or greeting card template. Such templates allow for more space to inscribe the birthday party information as well as more room for large graphics, which are appealing to children. You can use either the landscape or portrait orientation.
  • Import the graphics. If you are using the Microsoft Publisher, click on insert and browse the desired Minnie mouse image from the saved gallery. Put the image in the front page, and be sure to leave some space above it for some text.
  • On the left space, create your Minnie mouse birthday invitation message, like “Welcome!” Choose something catchy, fun, and readable.
  • On the third page, insert all your birthday party information, as mentioned above. You can also include the RSVP information for the Minnie mouse birthday party.
  • As an addition, you can insert more colorful graphics or a smaller image of Minnie. Crop it and fix it into one corner of the Minnie mouse birthday invitation card.
  • Finally, print the invitations on blank cards. Other than matte paper, you can use special types of paper like glossy or embossed. Just make sure that the cards are arranged properly during the printing.

Once the project is done, you can then tap your back for a job well done. It is guaranteed that your little girl will feel very happy about it, and she can always look back on that memorable birthday party with your birthday party essentials you prepared.